“The best way to predict your future, is to create it” said Abraham Lincoln. As we stand at the juncture of vision, growth and re-imagination, we must ask ourselves – Are we ready to build a better world together?

TEDxHyderabad is hosting the TEDxYouth@Hyderabad 2016 event and we are back with the second edition. TEDxYouth events are fun, imaginative, and smart TEDx events designed for, and are organised by young people. They bring ideas worth spreading to all ages.

The age group to apply is 10-20 years. Parents can drop the attendees at the venue and pick them up after the event. This event is ONLY for the curated attendees and not for the parents. This is a FREE event for 100 attendees!


Wells Fargo, Divyasree SEZ, Raidurgam, Hyderabad – 500032