We are adding in some amazing useful tips and info for you to have the Best experience at the event with your amazing co-attendees.

  1. The BADGE

The Badge is probably the largest you would have ever worn. It is a very important component that allows you access to the event. Please DO NOT lose the Badge and display it where required and when requested to the volunteers. The Badge has 3 conversation starters which most of you have sent us! They are a great way to engage with your co-attendees at the event. We hope you have chosen them well!

The badges will be arranged in an Alphabetical order and neatly segregated, you can pick them up by mentioning your registration ID sent in your confirmation email. We will be onsite to resolve any issue or confusion if any.



The wait to get into the Auditorium is also a great way to meet new attendees. The moment you hear Music being played is the Cue to begin to head toward the Auditorium. The Doors open at 9 AM and will close at 9:20 AM. Please finish registering and plan to be on time!



Please be mindful of the fact that the Auditorium is a 1500 seater with a wonderful layout as well. You can experience all the sessions from various vantage points. Please fill in the EMPTY SPACES in between. Please DO NOT reserve your seats on your way out during the Breaks! Our Team will be onsite to help you with the arrangement.

Please DO NOT stand on the Sides or at the BACK in the Main Auditorium. Every Attendee is Seated. There is also ample space across the different seating zones..



Movement of the Attendees when the Talks begin is NOT ALLOWED. We will be filming and people moving around is a distraction except the media team which has their set pattern. We urge you to respect this as not to cause undue inconvenience to your co-attendees. Please BE SEATED while the talks are going on and can plan to move ONLY if required after the talk is done. We want you all to immerse in the journey of the Speaker for 18 mins!



Flash Photography is NOT ALLOWED as it interferes with the recording. Kindly refrain from the same. Videography is NOT ALLOWED according to the rules and must not be posted online in any form.



Please switch off your mobile phone or can place it in the silent mode. Please ensure that the lights on your screen are low. Please avoid disturbing your co-attendees by the use of the same. Attendees who wish to use the same for social media may occupy the last 2 rows in the Auditorium.



Team TEDxHyderabad will be available onsite at each major point to help you with information. You can find them with the Blue Tag on their Badges.



Don’t be shy to say Hi! You will make some amazing friends and explore exciting collaborations moving forward. You can always practice to let someone know what you do in 2 sentences! Helps to also connect through the conversation starters. We have designed 3 Breaks to encourage the same. The smaller breaks are 45 minutes long and the Lunch Break is 90 minutes long. Start one, Join in, Facilitate cool conversations all through the day!


  1. CARDS

Never too many for you to get! As you will be meeting many people, actually helps to write a note behind the card to help you remember the conversation or the follow up point discussed. Helps to connect better post the event!


  1. APP

We have designed an exclusive App for the Attendees of TEDxHyderabad which aims to help build the connect stronger between them. We have released the same on the Google Play Store and also on the Apple iStore! Happy Connecting! You can create your Network, Converse with people and stay updated on all the information about the event.



Our amazing speakers are thrilled to be meeting you all soon. We wish you a great time meeting them on the 25th.



The Auditorium has 2 Doors. The Doors will remain OPEN only during the Breaks below and close once the Session begins. Please comply with this rule and thanks for your understanding and co-operation. Once we are in for the Session, the camera is rolling! Please be mindful of the schedule and we request you to assemble back in time. Once the Door closes, we cannot open until a break.


  1. DRESS

Remember! It is SMART CASUALs!



It is going to be a Mind Spa! Pace yourself through the day! The diversity lined up on stage is exciting and we hope you will like it as well. Make sure you sit with SOMEONE you DON’T Know!



Apart from applauding the Speaker once the talk is finished, stories that have moved your heart might get a standing ovation! Don’t hold yourself back!



It is quite an amazing experience to bring our Community of Thinkers, Enablers and Doers, x= One Idea At A Time! together. It is NOT just an event, it is the community that takes the Ideas from stage and brings them to Life. We have been discussing on various themes and will be engaging on them moving forward.



The correct nomenclature to be used is TEDxHyderabad in all posts on Social Media.

Hashtag ‪#TEDxHyderabad ‪#Do

Twitter @tedxhyd



This is a great way to save fuel and also protect our environment. Parking is provided at the venue and will be adequate directions for the same. You can find your co-attendees on the following Hashtag -‪#TEDxHydCarPoolers.


  1. CHECK the Regular Updates on the FB Group, Website, Twitter and Email

Check your Primary, Social, Promotions and Spam folders as well. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any action. All the activity of the TEDxHyderabad group is updated on a regular basis


  1. ENJOY the EXPERIENCE of it All!