So, TEDxHyderabad & ‪#‎TEDxHyderabadWomen‬ blew my mind. Great panel of women (or should it be panel of great women?) Rubina Mazhar, Hema Balakrishnan & Mridula Anand were simply awesome. All in all a great weekend !!

Rajiv Lulla

'Coming Out of Nutshell Moment'
I have got the opportunity to attend this Wonderful Event called 'TEDxHyderabadWomen' on May 29th. There was the screening of some talks of TED Conference on Women being held at California. This event was themed 'MOMENTUM'. Also there was this Interaction Session with Three Outstanding Women in the city, Hema Balakrishnan, Mridula Anand and Rubina Mazhar. These three women broke the stereotypes in their own unique ways to create inspiring pathways to success. They gave us some insights about their own journeys and very meaningful definitions for the word 'Momentum'.
Attending this, was a Life-changing opportunity for me and a Coming out of the Nutshell moment. After spending many days for my recovery, going out to meet a Great Community, getting to meet some Awesome people who are doing So much in their lives for their personal and also social betterment has been the most amazing journey for me. I am totally amazed by their friendliness and also inspired by their achievements.

Kavya Krishna Adepalli

TEDxHyderabadWomen was an amazing evening filled with wonderful conversations and insightful exploration of the theme of MOMENTUM. Thank you all for making the 1st edition a huge success.

Vineel Reddy

It was very inspiring listening to the women speakers at @TEDxHyderabadWomen.

Renuka Rathode