Mark Dharmai

Mark Dharmai is an International Para Badminton player holding a World ranking – 12th in Men’s Singles, 9th in Men’s Doubles and 4th in Mixed Doubles (as per the latest BWF rankings, 2017). He has been playing sports at a National level for the past twenty two years and has bagged many medals. Mark is a giant in the world of Para badminton and has made India proud by winning several medals at national and international level. Despite several difficult situations and challenges, in 2017, Mark won the silver medal in discus throw and shot-put, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He also won the silver in the Thailand Open Para Badminton International Tournament, in Bangkok, Thailand. Considering the odds that Mark has overcome, his story is nothing short of world class.

Mark Dharmai’s zeal and grit is not just contagious but also inspiring to many a sportsman. Born to a fisherman in Chimbai village, Bandra, Mumbai, Mark Dharmai’s struggles in life came in very early. He was born with a severe disability where his legs were twisted on the outside. Doctors would ask his family to rely on prayers for his survival. However, his mother did not give up. She helped him to walk and talk. Not only did he start walking but also showed a keen interest in sports from a very young age. Mark never wallowed in pity, instead continued to channel his energy into sports and soon enough became an ace Para-Badminton Athlete. Mark has tried to make his livelihood as a fisherman however his interest and heart lie elsewhere.

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