1.  This registration is Non Refundable. There is no refund for NO SHOWS
  2.  This registration is Non Transferable and is valid for one person only
  3.  Cancellation and Rescheduling of registration is not allowed
  4.  By Registering and making a payment you agree that all details provided are accurate
  5.  All registrations are subject to verification, any discrepancy may result in cancellation of registration
  6.  Make sure you carry the ticket details on your phone/printout for verification
  7.  All attendees must carry a valid government identity card to attain a conference attendee badge at the venue


Safety and Security

  1.  Please cooperate with the private security and police personnel for security checks
  2.  To ensure your safety, the organizers reserve the rights to frisk and restrict entry
  3.  The consumption of any prohibited substances is strictly banned
  4.  Carrying of food items, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, inflammable and banned substances are strictly prohibited
  5.  The organizer does not take responsibility for injuries, loss or theft of any personal belongings of ticket holder
  6.  Any individual might be asked to leave the venue without any liability of a refund if there is any behavioural misdemeanour. This decision rests with the conference and venue management and is final and binding
  7.  All standard venue and attendee rules are to be adhered to by attendees


The Event Day

  1. Entry into the auditorium will only start 20 mins before the event timing
  2.   Venue gates will remain shut during sessions and will not open for entry
  3. Attendees reaching late at the venue will NOT be allowed inside the auditorium while talks are in progress
  4. The attendees must wear their conference badge throughout the conference across all venues
  5.   There will be adequate breaks for networking and refreshments. Lunch and tea are included in the ticket price
  6. Children under the age of 15 will be allowed at the venue
  7. For any queries with respect to venue logistics, parking, toilets, please reach out to our uniformed volunteers


Best Practices

  1. We encourage you to car pool with other attendees or use public transport, and get to know fellow attendees before the event (Find #TEDxHydCarpoolers online on Twitter or use the TEDxHyderabad App) – Uber is offering Rs. 50 off on every ride to and from the event venue. Use code TEDX50HYD
  2. We request you not to leave half-finished water bottles lying around the venue
  3. Request you to ensure that the event spaces are kept litter free
  4. During sessions, please keep your mobile phones on silent mode or switched off. A ringing phone is a disturbance to the speaker as well as other attendees
  5.  No flash photography and recording of the event is allowed
  6.  Maintain silence during speaker talks and performances to get the best out of the talk
  7.  Do not hesitate in giving the speaker a standing ovation if their talk moved you
  8.  Any movement during the talks and performances are strongly discouraged

Student Discount Terms and Conditions 

  • Purchasing a ticket indicates that I have agreed to the terms and conditions of the student offer
  • Validation of my student ID card will happen after I register for the event
    On validation of my ID card, my attendance to the event will be confirmed via Curation
  • 20% of the ticket price will be deducted and the rest refunded if my details are found to be incorrect
  • I agree and confirm the following details:
    – I am a full-time student at a regular college (no distance education)
    – I am between 16-24 years of age
    – I have a valid current college ID card

Official Hashtag: #TEDxHyd

Most importantly, have a great time. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more details about the venue / address visit https://goo.gl/m6ewDG

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We look forward to your presence at the Event!