TEDxHyderabad Live 2017

On the 27th of April 2017 , 100 curated attendees came together to watch the live stream  from TED 2017 – The Future You at The Park Hyderabad. The evening started with  attendees being given their personalized badges and some networking over coffee .

The attendees were then drawn into the viewing hall where Team member Varun Aggarwal talked about TED, TEDx and the TEDx Live format.

Soon after which we watched the first TED speaker of the night – the grand chess master – Gary Kasparov who talked about AI, Chess and how the dynamics of chess are changing with developing technology. Following up was a fantastic performance by Ok Go streamed from TED 2017.
The third TED talk of the evening was by Tom Gruber who talked about the Siri technology and how fulfilled he felt that he made the first ever assistant for cerebral palsy patients over the course of development of Siri.
The fourth TED talk was by Noriko Arai who talked about an AI that she had made that could pass exams

The 5th TED Talk was by David Christian who told us the history of our world in 18 mins.

Just before the pre dinner session ended TEDxHyderabad Youth Co-organizer Ridheiy Verma got everyone on their feet dancing and participating in the Mannequin Challenge.


After some scrumptious dinner and networking it was time for Siddharth Bendi, an emerging singer/songwriter who hit all the high notes with his performance leaving the attendees musically satiated.

The 6th TED talk of the night was Gayle King interviewing Serena Williams.

Following which was the TED talk from The TED prize winner – Raj Panjabi on Last Mile Health and a talk by David Millian who talked about the refugee crisis.
As the evening drew to an end , the attendees headed home having met new people and having discovered newer insights.

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