TEDxHyderabad Salon on Healthcare for the LastMile

The second TEDxHyderabadSalon on the theme of Healthcare was held on May 15th, 2016. The salon focused on three topics — 108 Emergency Response, Innovation in Medicine, Healthcare delivery for the Last Mile. An excited group of attendees gather up near NTR gardens ready for a day of finding new friends, watching interesting TED talks and intense discussions on the issues of healthcare.

A brief introduction about the salon followed by quick breakfast by Wich Please happened aboard the world first ever ‘X’ bus which was heading to EMRI headquarters for the first leg of the Salon.

Aboard the bus two TED talks: Eli Beer: The fastest ambulance? A motorcycle and Erik Hersman: Reporting crisis via texting are played which jog the attendees brains with ingenuous innovations happening in the field of healthcare which is helping save million lives

Aboard  the bus ,Our thought leader  Dr. Raja Narsing Rao gives brief introduction on the bus  about GVK EMRI (Emergency Management Research Institute) , India’s first medical emergency response centre and how with its team of  11,000 ambulances it saves 25,000 lives in 15 states and 2 Union Territories of India every single day.


As we reach the Headquarters of EMRI,the Managing Director of EMRI  Dr. G. V. Ramana shares with the attendees the  vision of EM care :to respond to 30 million emergencies and save 1 million lives annually  and to deliver services at global standards through leadership, innovation, technology & research training. EMRI is the world’s largest EMS provider with 750million population covered and having saved 17.43 lakh lives saved since inception.

Next follows a brief explanation about the 108 call center and the protocols followed for answering emergency calls which are crucial in providing the best service.

The attendees are then taken outside where they are shown a live demo of an accident rescue, starting with rules to follow at the site of accident followed by their medical approach on a dummy model struck under a bus, being shifting into the ambulance. A brief description of the equipment in ambulance and a quick demo of quick demo of atrial defibrillator, and other minor equipment’s used during emergency situations is done. A live demonstration of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on a dummy   is shown to the attendees imbibing in them information that could help save a life.

The attendees head back to the bus where intense discussion ensues about using technology in betterment of emergency health care as the bus head to the next leg of the Salon –LVPEI (LV Prasad Eye Institute). A TED talk by Paul Conneally talking about Digital Humanitarianism and the power to save people’s lives and another by Alan Russell on The Potential of Regenerative Medicine is played as the bus moves towards to its next destination

At LVPIE brief introduction about health care innovation, and the ideology of LVPIE in developing new advances in technology that will simplify the approach of health care is shared by Dr. Virender Sangwan and Dr. Vipin

After a short tour of the beautiful LVPIE innovation lab A TED talk by Sendhil Mullainathan on solving social problems with a nudge is played which is followed by a video by LVPIE on its expansion of services to rural and remote areas and goals of the institute further down the line.


Our thought leader Envita Fernandes talks about her journey as a gynecologist and ways and methods to enhance the health care in the last mile.


Next our thought leader Prof.suman kapoor spoke about the innovations that can revolutionize and simplify the health care, mobile applications which can be user friendly and usage of technology in diagnostic testing.


After a day filled with insightful discussions and stirring demonstrations the attendees are treated to a sumptuous lunch at lunch at LVPIE.The ‘X’  bus returns to NTR garden with the journey filled with discussion on action plan to enhance 108 Emergency Response, Innovation in Medicine, Healthcare delivery for the Last Mile.


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