TEDxHyderabad at the TEDx Anchor Workshop 2016

Harbouring the same feelings of collaboration for the greater good in the very core of their hearts Team TEDxHyderabad landed onto the viridiscent Infosys mysore campus to attend a workshop hosted by the TEDx Anchor program. Over 100+ TEDx organizers,an electic mix of individuals disscussed what the future of the TEDx format in India would look like,how the quality of  Indian TEDxs could be taken a level higher and the impact of ideas and community building.


Announced at TED this year at Vancouver the TEDx Anchor program – a TED collaboration with the software giant Infosys to improve the TEDxs held pan-India,was well awaited with TEDxHyderabad being a part of the six TEDx teams taking the program forward this year.


Arriving excited for the event,TEDxHyderabad was greeted with warm hospitality and a wonderful atmosphere fostering creativity and networking. Intriguing view points came across in the various discussions held on TEDx essentials like  Speaker Curation,Partnerships and Community Building. TEDxHyderabad also took the stage by storm with a presentation on the importance of team building.

Teams were ferried around in golf carts, a blithesome ride in the sprawling Infosys Mysore campus. Also to keep the attendees’ company was a constant inflow of sumptuous food! …Let’s just say that the discussions were so intense  that the brainstorming sessions were often continued at the Dining Table!

A trip to Mysore would have been incomplete without visiting the resplendent and awe-inspiring Mysore fort, so team TEDx Hyderabad headed there to spend a splendid evening at the beautifully lit fort. After a lot of interesting conversations,sessions and intellectual debate, the night had fallen and it was time to let loose and dance to the tunes of bollywood. All in all the TEDx Anchor workshop was a great method to get the ball rolling for various bright initiatives in the Indian TEDx community and inspired TEDxHyderabad aspires to be a driving force in such a change.


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