TEDxHyderabad Salon on Civic Responsibility 2017  

The second Sunday of May, 50 curated attendees attended the first TEDxHyderabad Salon event of 2017 on the topic of Civic Responsibility. As the attendees walked into the beautiful Tech Mahindra campus they grabbed their personalized badge and started getting to know each other. 

TEDxHyderabad licensee Vipin started the salon with  introducing  TED ,TEDx the salon format and initiatives that arose from the last years salon events which were recognised on the world stage for the being the first ever salon being held on a bus.

Our thought leader Kalpana set in the water about theme with thoughts centering along the fact that how water though invisible makes the world visible and gives us life.

Following up was the first TED Talk of the day by  David Sedlak on  4 ways we can avoid a catastrophic drought.

Upnext was the TED talk –  Water Think again by Kaveh Madlani  who talked about  the possibility of a future war on water and what we can do to avoid this impending war.

Our first thought leader of the day  Sarojini from Design Experiment talked about how the gamification of Social work could help increase the impact  like Step well restoration can be gamified by planning an adventure camp around it .

Our second thought leader  – Vinay from Team Yuva (Bidar) talked about how he and his team found and revived 250 step wells few of which were of historical significance.

Our third thought leader  Deepak , who has trained under the illustrious  Anna Hazare talked about the dire situation of water supply in Hyderabad and how it was imperative that we do something about it.

Our 4th thought leader Prof Panduranga Rao (Retd NIT Warrangal Professor ) spoke about his work with the Telengana Remote Sensing Center which has generated data which can help decide how best to make hydraulic structures – Infiltration wells and contoured trenches .

Our fifth thought leader Murli from Gauthami Enclave told us about his experience of  implementing  water meter based billing in his society and how it has brought a  sense of water consciousness and huge savings in water bills.

Our sixth thought leader Kalpana Ramesh , talked about the Save 10k Bores initiative and how it is of paramount importance that we replenish our bores instead of digging new ones.

Our seventh thought leader –  Madhu Likha Chaudhary talked about Dhruvansh which she started with a dream that her children should be able to experience the nature in its pure form just like she did in her childhood and how she now conserves lakes and has with her 200 lake warriors.

After a tea break and some networking the attendees watch a TED Talk by Angela  Morelli on the global water footprint of humanity.  

Soon after which was a discussion among the attendees and thought leaders of what could be the action points that could help us a bring a positive change.

This salon was held on MAY 14, 2017.

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