TEDxHyderabad LIVE 2016


After the resounding success of the TEDxHyderabad 2015, the TEDx Hyderabad team brought in 2016 with a bang with its live event,which featured performances,interesting discussion and off-course TED talks streaming live from Vancouver over endless supplies of coffee and snacks  making it the best nightout Hyderabad has experienced in a really long time.
“Dreams matter. Dreams transcend time and place. Dreams inspire. Dreams pave way to great success stories.”

TED2016’s theme “DREAM” was dedicated to the greatest dreams we are capable of dreaming. It showcased humanity’s toughest challenges, helped us listen to our greatest thinkers, artists and storytellers.


18th Feb. 2016, Progress Software hosted a different kind of a meeting, the attendees started arriving at 8 PM, excited to pick up their personalized badges and walk into a room filled with an eclectic mix people curated along with them for the event.

Coffee and sandwiches got some conversation brewing as the attendees settled in for a night of great fun.

Organizer Viiveck elaborated on the the conference and got the audience started with an amazing TED talk by the youngest speaker ever –Ishita Katyal on What do you want to be when you grow up?


As the night proceeds various TED talks stream live given by the virtuoso A.R.Rahman , Shonda Rhimes (master television producer), Travis Kalanick (Uber’s co-founder and CEO) and Joe Gebbia(Co-founder of Airbnb) to name a few. Mind boggling recorded TED talks by Monica Lewinsky on Cyber bullying and Simon Sinek on the three Golden Circles are played in addition.


Attendees put forward their ideas and disscuss various alterantives to solve real –life problems.

p16Attendees watch with rapt attention being entertianed and intellectually stimulated by the talks.

Co-organizer Ekta introduces Hawaiian Guitarist Jaywant Naidu who performs for the audience leaving them spellbound and tells them about his special patented design of guitar called Jaywant Guitar.

Co-organizer Ekta shares the good news of TEDxHyderabad becoming the part of the TEDxAnchor program this year which aims at raising the standard to TEDx events held in India and drives the audience towards a live video call between the audience and TED Senior Fellow and TEDxHyderabad founder Anthony Vipin Das who is at Vancouver attending the conference in person.


As the event draws to the close at 3AM, we see cheerful faces around having dreamed with their eyes open this night and having made new connections in their brains as well as with people.


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