W.H.Y ‘Showing Up’ is the first step to respect & empower Women: A holistic learning experience from TEDxHyderabadWomen 2018!

When was the last time you showed up for a woman with an honest motive to help her? With “SHOWING UP” as the theme, TEDxHyderabadWomen 2018 was the perfect day for Hyderabadis to come together and garner respect for the powerful women, including themselves. As an attendee myself, I had witnessed a strong Sisterhood among the audience on December 9, 2018, at Wells Fargo, Hyderabad. More than a hundred women and a few good men had shown up for Women as they experienced insightful talks, performances, and engaging conversations. I was pondering throughout the day of the event, which made me reflect on the following key points, strengthening my ‘WHY’  to ‘Show Up’ for any woman in need:          

                       Hyderabadi Sisters showing up for each other at TEDxHyderabadWomen 2018

W – ‘We’ together shall acknowledge the Voice of HOPE in the community!

Would you be willing to raise your son as a Feminist in a patriarchal society? The first speaker, Anusha Bharadwaj declared that she shall be doing it while she concluded her talk, receiving a thunderous applause. It strengthened my belief that a single voice (not all alone) can influence a few more voices of the future, directly or indirectly. Which voice would you choose to listen to? Before you make a choice, the initial step is to show up for a voice who needs your support as of now! Show Up for her. 

            Anusha Bharadwaj sharing her inspiring journey and her work for the welfare of girls in the community

H – ‘Her’ Respect vs Her Struggle! ‘Me too’ is a MOVEMENT, not a moment!

TED Speaker, Tarana Burke believes that we can build a world, which is free of sexual violence. Her talk, which was streamed for the audience had intricate details regarding the revolutionary #Metoo movement started by her, a decade ago. The audience was also asked to share their views on ‘Metoo’ before the talk. I could relate to the struggles of women while they are at their workplace. Supporting every voice (#Metoo) is crucial and the time to do it is now! Another talk by TED Speaker, Stacey Abrams also struck a chord with the audience when it was streamed post the tea break. Both the talks had received roaring applause.

             Tarana Burke’s TED Talk on the ‘Metoo’ movement being streamed for the audience

Y-YES to Independent choices vs NO to Ignorance and certain ‘Age-Old Practices’

Women are Better Managers! Yes! Be it managing money or people, they think and drive their critical decisions with empathy and compassion. The next speaker, Sanjay Jesrani who is a fellow member of ‘The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’ with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, openly declared that every woman has traits to become a Financial Leader. I felt nostalgic when he had shared a few experiences from his childhood. He believes that an Indian Mother can manage anything in life. I second that opinion with facts now. The audience was also exposed to the initiatives of various financial leaders (women) during the talk.  The audience highly appreciated the talk as it threw light on the importance of Financial Independence in the time of Inequality. 

                              Sanjay Jesrani leading his talk with examples of ‘Women as Financial Leaders’ 

The third and final speaker for the day was Dr. Evita Fernandez who had mesmerized the audience with her clarion call for action. No woman shall birth alone! Yes. She believes that every woman deserves a birth companion who could be trusted by the woman in labor and only professional midwifery service shall be the backbone for such birth delivery service. She had shared significant heart-wrenching anecdotes from her professional life, which made the audience ponder over the current state of pregnant women and the services which they may opt for, now or in the future. She appealed that the archaic practices in the hospitals have to be put aside and that Showing Up for the fellow women who shall give birth with dignity and self-respect is the need of the hour. Dr. Evita was honored with a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

   Dr Evita Fernandez receiving a standing ovation from the audience

The audience was also left spellbound by two live performances in between the talks by singer, Rinky Sharma, and percussionist, Nilesh Konduri. I also had great conversations during lunch, which followed the farewell to the audience. I had learned to ask myself ‘WHY’ and ‘Re’think over the existential inequality with a growth mindset for the welfare of woman around me regardless of their age, respecting their work and passion. Every revolutionary idea which starts with an individual has to be heard right away to take it forward. This is the first empathetic objective for showing up with an honest motive at heart. I believe in Showing Up! Thank you TEDxHyderabadWomen 2018!

                   Team TEDxHyderabadWomen 2018 thanking the attendees!

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