TEDxHyderabad Salon on Technology 2017

Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity.

We created them to extend ourselves,

and that is what is unique about human beings

– Ray Kurzweil


The salon started with  introducing  TED ,TEDx the salon format and initiatives that arose from the last years salon events which were recognised on the world stage for the being the first ever salon being held on a bus.

Soon after, the first TED talk of the day was played : ”Your company’s data could help end world hunger” by  Mallory Soldner which talked about the concept of data philanthropy .

TEDxHyderabad team member  Kaashif talked about the digital divide that exists between NGOs and Tech Companies and team members Pankaj and Dinesh talked about how these salons act as a trigger point for change giving the examples of our previous year salon initiative of Save10kBores and then introduced our Thought leaders Vaishali , Seshu and Major Bharat Sinha Reddy who is a Seva medal Winner. We were also joined by our 2015 TEDxHyderabad speaker Ramanjaneyulu P V who works in the area of organic farming  joined the salon as an attendee.

Discussion on the Digital divide started with thought leader Major Bharat telling us about the importance of  Digital Highways.Thought leader Vaishali (an ex-Googler who has worked on Google’s social impact team) talked about how Google had given free credits to NGOs to use their technology but the results were not as expected as most of the NGOs didn’t have the need for technology consultants who help NGOs leverage the resources available to them. Attendee Ramanjaneyulu P V who runs a farming related NGO talked about the   need for equipping NGOs with something as  basic as excel skills and helping NGOs start on a journey of self learning.Further there was discussion of how their was need for the tracking of volunteers and the  need for transparency in terms of donation and impact.



The attendees then listened to the second TED talk of the day which was interview with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk on his venture into space travel and renewable energy after which the the attendees breaked for some sumptious lunch.

Soon after was the third TED Talk of the day – Micheal Porter who talked about the The change of thinking that a  Business benefits from solving social problems instead of thinking that it makes a loss.

The discussion then heads over to action points where the model of using a freelancer , overviewer and crowdfunding for upgradation of technology at an NGO is considered. Along with how we can make volunteers owners and give them the right support and how in this model college students could play a huge part .

The salon was held on JUNE 4,2017.

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