TEDxHyderabad Salon on Art and Music

art_40Education isn’t just about feeding the brain. Art and music feed the heart and soul. ~Julie Garwood

A breezy morning and the ethinicity of Shilpakala Vedika welcome the salon attendees to the 4th    Tedx HyderabadSalon for a day of artistic wonder .As the attendees get settled,introductions and interesting conversations follow over sandwiches and juice while it drizzles outside. A beautiful start to a beautiful day!

Our thought leader Ravi Subramanian (Monkster Music) talks to the audience about the quest for an independent music industry in India, one which is not dependent on bollywood for its existence and has its own crowd pulling rockstars.


Next our  highly revered thought leader Mohan Hemmadi,someone who is responsible for bringing many famuous artists to perform in Hyderabad talks to us about the journey of music in Hyderabad from house concerts to concert halls in Hyderabad and various revered artists he has worked with.


Father’s day special!

We have a TED talk with Nicole & Edward (father -daughter duo) having a beatboxing battle played enthralls the audience

Another TED talk by Benjamin Zander on the transformative power of classical music leaves the audience wondering about the emotional melodies in music and how theatre has used music as a invisible language to add a unique character to the plays.

As we leave for the next leg of the Salon in the world’s first ever X bus Ravi Subramanian from Monkster Music vows to compose an anthem for TEDxHyderabad which is surely going to be a sonorous treat!


Everyone gets into the “X” bus as we are off to Hill Fort palace for the next leg of the Salon. On the journey our thought leaders Mohan Hemmadi and Ravi Subramanian tell us some interesting stories and experiences they have had in their journey.Ravi   talks about how his successes have sprung through failures, the creative careers initiative and Mohan sir talks about his experiences with highly revered artists, what goes on backstage and of his efforts in bringing in punctuality to hyderabad’s music scene.

Soon after Interesting discussion on the pain points of the industry and solutions to mitigate them ensues,one of the attendees suggests  that developing a liking for classical music  and theatremust be developed early in life as its very tough for music to percolate where it  has   always    been  rejected for years in the case of adults,others join in saying that its nesscessary to performing arts and classical music adopted into the school curriculum.

The breathtaking Hill Fort palace and lovely weather accompanies our attendees to the next leg of the salon where our thought leader Lakshmi Nambiar who runs Shristi Art gallery talks about heritage spaces being used as a place where arts can be celebrated and how last year they had a arts exhibhition at the Hill Fort Palace which was attended by 3500 people. She also educates us about the history of the Hill Fort palace where once upon a time lots of poetry recitals used to take place.


Our thought leader Padmashree Mohd Ali Baig talks about the revival of the  theatre culture in Hyderabad and taking theatre from an audience of 300 to an audience of 3000 people.He tells us about the Qadir Ali Baig theatre foundation(founded in the loving memory of his dad) and his hands on approach to making Hindustani plays.He also talks about most of  his plays having  had  heritage locations as a backdrop like Taramati Baradari and how they have brought in more tourism and interest towards these beautiful heritage structures .

The discussions continue as the attendees tour the palace and few action points stand out:More spaces to perform,a collaborative academy for arts and music and  inculcating  into the schoo syllabi a subject of performing arts.

As the attendees head towards the Saptarni Arts home for the next leg of the salon –a Hyderabad Trails representative shares with us interesting historical stories and anecdotes from where the names of Naubat Pahad and Hyderabad came.


We reach the beautiful Saptaparni arts home where our thought leader Mangala Bhatt (Kathak dancer) honors us with some graceful mudras in an impromptu performance and tells us about her journey with initial opposition from her father towards   her interest to become a dancer but her brother studying at NSD (National School of Drama) pushed her to pursue her dream.She also asks all of us to not limit our want to learn the arts just because of our age as she believes art has no art barrier.

An attendee also shares how her son found his voice through art and has gone to win many awards.


Our talented though leader D V Ramana,a kuchipudi and bharatnatyam expert who has performed for over 1900 times told us about how he has made a positive impact on society through the SMLR (Sampradaya Music Loving Roatarians)foundation and their concerts in orphanages and old age homes.


We then head over to Kalakriti art gallery where TED talk by Danielle Feinberg talking about how science and math can help create beautiful illuminating animation at Pixar is played.


Our thought leader Anuradha Sharma (Founder,Saptarni) talks about how the journey of Saptaparni as a place for children to explore art has been challenging and rewarding.

art_29Thought leader Ramakrishna Shenoy(Director Dramanon) talks about how designated collaborative spaces can be a catalyst for the performing arts and how theatre is an immersive experience which involves a suspension of reality which can only be achieved when spaces are developed with good acoustics and seating.

art_30Thought leader Prashanth Lahotia (Owner,Kalakriti Art Gallery) talks about the importance developing a opinion about art before buying it and about being a historic photo and map collector which are now a part of the Google Art Project.


Treated to a sumptuous lunch of some amazing pasta among other delicacies,conversations and ideas find  people.


Every attendee caters to his artistic side and puts down his experience on a beautiful canvas

A fitting end to the Arts and Music salon when attendees and organizers bid goodbye until further collaboration on the action points with round of karaoke in the bus as it heads back to Shilparamam.

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