TEDxHyderabad Live 2015

March 17th, 2015 @ Collab House, Hyderabad.

A weekday night turned into an escapade down interesting ideas sprinkled with aha moments for the Attendees of TEDxHyderabad Live 2015.


It was a Live stream event  from TED 2015  themed was Truth or Dare and in typical TED style the curated attendees were encouraged to  share One Truth that challenges them and how would tell everyone how they would  Dare to solve the same. It was interesting to listen to their  Truths and opening up a place for disscussion of Ideas while watching inspiring TED talks live from Vancouver.



“How I use sonar to navigate the world” by Daniel Kish and “The math behind basketball’s wildest moves” by Rajiv Maheswaran  were a few  among the eclectic mix of talks streamed for the attendees .

Breaks between talks  were filled some lip smacking snacks and even tastier and enriching conversations between the attendees.

hydlive_4aThe attendees where blown by   Chris Urmson’s talk, the Director of the Self Driving car at Google(X) who shared the thought process and work behind  building the car. It was amazing to see the how the car navigates in an automated mode and the information being processed in real time to enable the same.


The attendees , a  diverse set of individuals  from across the city coming together to think,  learn and discuss the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead with ideas from the talks they were hearing live was an enriching experience to be a part of.

It is exciting to see this first set of attendees grow into the TEDxHyderabad community that is vibrant today.This was the first seed planted in the city by TEDxHyderabad.

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