TEDxHyderabad Salon on Arts and Music 2017

On an eventful Sunday 50 curated  attendees walked into the beautiful Synchrony financial office for the TEDxHyderabad Salon on Arts and Music.

TEDxHyderabad team member Ekta started the salon with introducing TED ,TEDx the salon format and initiatives that arose from the last years salon events which were recognised on the world stage for the being the first ever salon being held on a bus.

The attendees then listen to the first TED talk of the day which was about how El Seed made a 50 building wide mural in Cairo to promote peace in the area through his art.

Team member Harini talks about Hill Fort restoration(which was an outcome of the 2016 arts salon) and how we need to build space for every art form. She then introduces our 4 thought leaders :Vinay Verma (Theater maestro), N R Visalatchy , Director of Museums and Archaeology, Gunjan Bhattacharya – Theater person (KissaGo Productions ) and Suresh Chukkapalli, Director, Phoenix Group.



Suresh talks about how the idea of Phoenix arena came to life to become a vibrant place for the development of art and music followed by Vinay talking about the dearth of right sized space for theater throughout the years and the lack of design of spaces for effective light and sound.N R Visalatchy talks about how the government is supporting the arts ecosystem in Hyderabad. She also mentions the reference only knowledge rich historical library.Gunjan Bhattacharya talks about his dual life as a IT Professional and a theater person and how rapid disruption is happening in the Hyderabad theater space.

After some sumptuous lunch the attendees listen to the TED talk by Theaster Gates who talks about the revival Chicago’s neighborhoods through creating artist led spaces from abandoned spaces in the city.

Further discussion about some action points lead to some interesting ideas such as the possibility of changing what a crematorium feels like by hosting a play near it and some places were identified which could possibly turn out to be interesting venues for art performances.

The salon was held on the July 16th, 2017.

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