TRAVEL the world or ‘SAIL’ through a life of purpose? W.H.Y every ‘sailor’ within us deserves a grand voyage!

Living in a metropolitan city far away from the sea, Khushi had never visited a coastal area since her childhood. She has been a passionate traveler, but, hardly found her ‘true self’ till now. Being a multi-dimensional working professional, she is selected for a travel-based assignment by her organization. To her surprise, the itinerary involved sailing across the ocean between two continents. What’s her job? She works for a popular travel news network as a journalist! She would be sailing with a group of marine biologists who shall be researching the impact of pollution (includes plastic being dumped into the ocean) on the lives of our fellow earthlings in the ocean! How did this ‘sailing’ help her? Whom did she meet while on her way back? Curious to know? Welcome aboard! Let’s find out. 

W – Working vs Reflecting with the SEA to ‘SEE’ within!

Given the opportunity of a lifetime, would we be ready to travel across the globe? Beyond restrictions, inhibitions or any ulterior motives involved, would we be ready to face the waves away from our regular lives? We all reach a point in our lives, facing a dilemma coupled with isolation and depression in various proportions, unable to decide upon something extremely important. Let us turn this ‘isolation’ into solidarity and the ‘depression’ into ‘redirection’ of our happiness. As we sail through the ocean called life, we need to navigate ourselves by redirecting our thoughts! In the story above, Khushi reflected back on her fixed mindset while on the yacht and developed a growth mindset while on her way back, overcoming fear and had also gained the confidence to face challenges on her own. 

H – Hover over or float? Sea gives you a CHOICE!

A sailor shall keep moving regardless of the issues and bitter experiences of the past. A true sailor rediscovers her/his ‘calling’ with the sea and does not hover over the possibilities to escape, but, thinks critically and solves challenging issues considering all the dimensions possible while at the sea! The sailor with his/her crew could be on a mission to prove something to the world. Ever heard of an all-female crew sailing their way across oceans to inspire a generation to stand up for a good cause? It is possible. In the story above, Khushi respected the ‘calling’ of the sea and made a choice of a lifetime! She had decided to sail again with her friends and work on a documentary to spread the importance of self-discovery through Sailing!

Y – Yesterday was a WAVE which shall CONNECT today & tomorrow! 

A sailor may meet many other sailors, sailing with a purpose of their own. Can you identify the ‘sailor’ in others who may or may not accompany you on this planet later? We could be sailing for the first time when someone may or may not even be ready yet. The sailors must be compassionate with their team members and respect their individuality. We never know the ‘waves’ of pain experienced by other ‘sailors’ in the past! We need to connect the experiences of the past with the opportunities available today and create the future while pondering the possibilities beyond basic survival. In the story above, while on their way back, Khushi and the crew meet nurses, pharmacists, animal lovers, scientists, teachers and even children on a remote island’s school where they had organized a session to make the residents of the island aware of the impact of pollution on various water bodies around them. True sailors inspire others with their experiences beyond the voyage as they ‘navigate’ within, redirect themselves and keep sailing! Everything is possible with HEART!

Ready to connect your waves of yesterday to create the opportunities of tomorrow? Welcome Aboard!

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