TEDxHyderabad Salon on Healthcare for the Last Mile 2017

Fundamentally, the answers to our challenges in healthcare relies in

engaging and empowering the individual.

– Elizabeth Holmes


TEDxHyderabad licensee Vipin started the salon with  introducing  TED ,TEDx the salon format and initiatives that arose from the last years salon events which were recognised on the world stage for the being the first ever salon being held on a bus.


The first TED talk of the day  was “An intergalactic guide to using a defibrillator” by Tod Scott who talked the audience through how to use the AED during an emergency .

Soon after, our first first thought leader of the day was  G V Ramana Rao who was also the TEDxHyderabad 2016 speaker spoke about  EMRI – Call 108 Emergency talked about how at an average an ambulance is takes 15 minutes to reach and if in that time a bystander can help  save lives then there is a possibility of  a huge impact and how this idea has been the reason 100K first response program came into existence .

One of the attendees from Tech mahindra volunteered to have all their drivers go through first responder training and also suggested that we reach out to the retail outlets at each bus depot and train them as this would lead to a huge network of first responders .He also told us about TechM starting a VR project to train employees on Emergency Mgmt.

Soon after G V Ramana Rao talk  which was recorded at TEDxHyderabad 2016 was played which was followed by a  TED talk “A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter” by Mark Bezos and another one by Anthony Atala on “Printing a human kidney”.

Further discussion included training at least one person in every school and development of a CPR and AED database detailing where AED devices are there and who is trained in CPR and AED and making short video clips to educate people to educate people.

The salon was held on June 25th 2017

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