TEDxHyderabad Youth 2015 -Made In The Future

It was the afternoon of the 15th of November when Hyderabad’s innovative T-Hub welcomed 100 young attendees for an amazing day filled with performances,talks and activities.
“X” marked the spot !

Walking in our young attendees were given their personalized badges and introductions sprung up as they were led to the beautiful cafeteria space of T-Hub.

Selfies and Interesting conversations s broke the ice.

The 100 curated attendees were engaged with crafting our future even before they came to the event through a Photo Challenge- Upload a picture of your Ideas or plans for 2035 and Story Corps- Upload a recording about what you dream for the future on Facebook with the TEDx hashtag.


The attendees were then taken to the presentation room where they heard talks live fromTED Youth ,New York on various topics ranging from science to art centered around the future from Betsy McIver Cho, Sarah Parcak,Adam Steltzner and various other eminent personalities.

Further up were some young hyderabadi innovators showing us their innovations

Heading out our young attendees made some friends and got to know each other through the postcard they were given, on which they had to get each persons signature, name or number so that they all could interact and connect with one another in the future if they wanted to.

Attendees enjoyed some lip smacking food, jokes and laughter as the attendees head towards the cafeteria for a tea-time break.

It was then the time for some fun games and activities.

All that fun was topped up by some amazing performances and a skit.

The event came to a close with smiles on everyonr’s lips and excitement for the future in everyone’s hearts.

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