Here’s a chance to win 5 FREE TICKETS to TEDxHyderabad 2019!

Thank you Hyderabad! 2018 was exciting. It is time to gear up for 2019!
Here is a chance for 5 lucky people to win a ticket to TEDxHyderabad 2019!
Here’s how:
1. Download and register on the TEDxHyderabad app (Find it on Google Play and the App Store)
2. Use the app to find others in your colour group
3. Find the post with all the completed quotes
4. Connect with people in your colour group to complete your quote
5. Line up your badges with the completed quote on #ReThink
6. Click a picture and post as a reply to the main contest post with names of all 5 participants on the app before October 14, 2018
7. Anyone from the group of 5 can post (one member can only be part of one group)
8. Only the posts on the TEDxHyderabad app will be considered eligible for the contest
9. Only one entry per group is allowed.
10. 1 group, selected randomly, will win FREE TICKETS to TEDxHyderabad 2019.
11. You are agreeing with our terms and conditions by participating in this contest
12. All decisions by the organisers will be final and binding
13. Final Results will be announced on October 20, 2018
Get started, people! Tag your friends who were at the #TEDxHyderabad 2018, and let them know about the contest too! See you soon!

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