By 2025, 2/3rds of the world’s population could face a water crisis. By 2030, water supply may be outstripped by water demand by 40%, as is being observed in various cities of India. Currently, smart cities are the need of the hour, and these smart cities need Water Sensitive Urban Design crucial to solving water issues in Metro cities, which are likely to be home to 75% of the country’s population.

In this session, we hope to be able to have conversations about how to create water-secure cities in India through urban planning, reduction and reuse, data analytics driven solutions, city aquifer mapping, rejuvenation of water bodies, and rainwater harvesting. We’ll also talk about how cities can track natural infrastructural assets, forecast, and mitigate imminent water resource challenges through scientific and evidence-based approaches. 

The ultimate objective of this event is to turn the focus of the community towards making Hyderabad a water positive city using data driven approach for awareness, conservation and management.


  • Veeramalla Prakash Rao
    Veeramalla Prakash Rao
  • Dr. MVRL Murthy
    Dr. MVRL Murthy
  • MV Rama Chandrudu
    MV Rama Chandrudu



TEDxHyderabad - A SNAPSHOT



TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. TEDx is an independently organized licensed TED event. TEDxHyderabad has quickly grown to become one of the leading TEDx events in the country. TEDxHyderabad was be selected for an Anchor program by TED and mentioned in the opening statement of the TED Summit, at Banff this year as one of the most innovative events, globally. Speakers/performers both Indian and International representing diverse backgrounds, are invited to share their stories and ideas with you. TEDxHyderabad is a not for profit event and attendees can join only after undergoing the process of curation. This is a ticketed event.

No. The team at TEDxHyderabad are people from across diverse sectors and include physicians, corporate employees, investors, mentors, coaches, social workers, artistes and start-up employees. We are a bunch of passionate people who have come together to support the philosophy of “Ideas Worth Spreading”. We are only volunteers and do not hold any kind of paid assignments with TEDxHyderabad

To volunteer at TEDxHyderabad, you must be part of our community. You should have attended one speaker event to understand how and what we do. We only choose volunteers from our local community. We open up volunteering slots once a year, in January. You can apply then, mentioning which specific skill set you possess. If shortlisted, you will have to go through a couple of rounds of interviews with the team. You will also be expected to devote 6-8 hours every week on normal days and 10-12 hours a week closer to the event. Attendance at team meetings are mandatory and failure to attend 3 or more team meetings will call for termination of your volunteer contract. Volunteers at TEDxHyderabad have to undergo the same curation process that attendees have to go through and also need to buy their tickets.

The first step of speaker selection starts with finalization of the theme. Once the theme of the event is final, we look at sub-themes within the main theme and the powerful ideas that fall within those sub themes. We zero in on at least 3-4 speakers per idea and then start to work backwards to select who we feel will be most relevant. Our website has a speaker nomination form, please feel free to nominate a good speaker - Click Here to Nominate. Speaker selection is a time consuming process and it starts almost 8-10 months before the actual event.

Yes, our speakers are also curated. What you see on the day of the event are carefully curated and highly rehearsed talks. We have an internal curation team that works with the speaker to create the draft and then final cut of their talk

We look for unique individuals or group performers, who require little or no logistical help. Our focus is to give opportunity to upcoming talented artistes. If you have a unique talent, Click here to fill the form

TEDxHyderabad is a not for profit. The experience we design for attendees is done through our ticket sales collections, as well as the partnerships (cash and kind) that we get.

We have strict no discount policy on single ticket bookings. However, we offer a discount on bulk booking of 100 tickets and above.

Our attempt is to design an experience for you and not an event. We try and ensure that you not only watch inspiring talks on stage, there is entertainment, social spaces, tea, lunch etc. Apart from that our event has free seating and we do not differentiate between audience members. Everyone is an esteemed attendee, irrespective of their job title, financial standing or place in society. So who knows – you may be sitting next to your next employer/employee, investor, best friend or simply someone who awes and inspires you. This is a fabulous chance for individuals to network with like-minded people and an amazing opportunity to be part of a community of Thinkers, Enablers and Doers. All of this in just one day and at such little cost? Think about it!

During an attendee curation, we go through the answers on your form, primarily to gauge what inspires you, what you are passionate about, what drives you and makes you the person you are. We also try and ascertain how passionate and involved you are about TED and TEDx.

As a volunteer, you have to undergo the same curation process that attendees have to go through. You also have to pay for your ticket to attend the event.

Attending a TEDx event will give you a day full of experiences and a lifetime of lasting friends. It will inspire you and bring you to understand what others are doing in their life..


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