5 Reasons Why You Should Attend TEDxHyderabad

I have always loved listening to TED Talks on YouTube and last year was the first time I attended a TEDxHyderabad event. My mind was blown! I had never seen such a large gathering of interesting people come together at one place at the same time. EVER. So if you haven’t booked your ticket yet, here are 5 great reasons why you should attend the TEDxHyderabad event this year. Be a part of a revolution: The motto of the TED Talks is “ideas worth spreading” while TED itself stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it couldn’t be more apt. At TEDx events, there won’t just be speakers talking about diverse topics such as technology, entertainment and design; the event itself incorporates a lot of technology, entertainment and design in its format to create a deep impact on the listener. The TED in TEDxHyderabad stands for Thinkers Enablers Doers and that’s who you get to interact with when you attend the TEDxHyderabad event. When you attend this event, you become part of the family of out-of-the-box thinkers who have come together to discuss ideas that help change the world. In addition, there are also world class interactive booths and demos that will enrich your TEDxHyderabad experience. Get inspired by wonderful speakers: I don’t need to talk about the excellent line-up of speakers that are chosen for each TEDxHyderabad event, but I will anyway! Last year’s list included Padmashri Chinakini Mallesham, shooting maestro Gagan Narang, blade runner Kiran Kanojia and mountaineer Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru, to name just a few. During the breaks, you get to rub shoulders and discuss issues with these stalwarts in their area of expertise and be inspired by them. Network with the best: The entire audience is carefully curated to include the best in their respective fields. It’s not just the speakers who will enthrall you with their ideas and enthusiasm, it is most likely that the person sitting next to you is an equally impressive person. The tea and lunch breaks are designed in such a manner that no audience member is allowed to sit alone in their chairs and brood by themselves. There is an air of friendliness and camaraderie even during the breaks where you can rub shoulders with the speakers and also other interesting audience members. Listen to a variety of speakers: TEDxHyderabad is nothing like any other workshop you might attend. Most speaking events focus on a particular topic like business or technology or health. The TEDx event are unique because they feature diverse individuals who give very varied talks. The talks themselves are grouped in blocks of four or five and are delivered within 8-12 minutes for maximum impact. The 2017 speakers include such speakers like activist Sunitha Krishnan, genome guru Anu Acharya, trans-gender champion Gauri Sawant and digital revolutionist A P Hota. This alone ensures that when you leave the venue, you will leave with wonderful memories and ideas that will change your perspective of life forever. Feel good: The TEDx is a non-profit and organized entirely by dedicated and passionate volunteers who wish to change the world with the exchange of ideas. Our organization is working tirelessly towards solving Hyderabad’s water problems with their ‘Save the Lakes’ and ‘Save 10K Bores’ programs. When you engage with TEDxHyderabad, you can be assured that you are interacting with a team of dedicated, selfless professionals who are committed to making this world a better place to live in for everyone.

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