Storytelling. We are full of stories.

Years back, people used to gather twice a day when the sun was all red, at dawn and at dusk. People shared stories among themselves describing their dreams, fears, inhibitions and what not.

Storytelling is one of our oldest art forms. It stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of community between the tellers and listeners.

Stories are found everywhere – in newspapers, books, on TV and the internet. Everyday conversation is full of anecdotes and real life stories. We are full of stories. And stories are what makes us thrive into the future bearing the baggage of past. Storytelling helps us understand our environment and personal experience.

Storytelling helps us to depict the society in our own style. Starting from oral storytelling style till the latest Virtual reality way of storytelling, stories have been shared.

“Never again will a single story be told as though it’s the only one,” said John Berger, an English art critic. No story is listened in a same way as it is told in a similar way. Stories keep changing from person to person, time to time, perspective to perspective.

With the advent of technology, stories are shared with the assistance of many art forms enriching the experience of enjoying the story.

Joe Sabia, in his TED talk, shared how the art of storytelling has remained unchanged, appreciating how humans recycle stories with their creativity. He also added,” the way that humans tell the stories has always evolved with pure, consistent novelty.”

In years of storytelling, the medium has been changed, be it cave walls or Facebook walls. Whatever the form it would be, stories are shared every now and then as it is a cause for a celebration.

Share a story as we are the stories we tell ourselves.

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