TEDxHyderabad Salon on Education


Education is the most powerful weapon. Which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Gearing up for its final ride for the year 2016 the  “X” bus awaited its excited attendees near the Gachibowli stadium for the TEDxHyderabad Education salon where as soon as they arrived, laughs and introductions were exchanged over some lip smacking sandwiches.

As the bus started its journey towards the beautiful village of Yerravalli, Vipin and Viiveck welcome the attendees aboard and tell them about the various initiatives that have sprung forth from the previous salons like save10kBores from the Civic Responsibility salon setting the tone for what’s going to be an interesting day.

In the bus one of the most popular TED talks ever -Ken Robinson’s how schools kill creativity plays, which jogs the minds of the attendees.


Two more TED talks: Bring out the learning revolution! By Ken Robinson and My daughter, Malala a poignant TED talk by Ziauddin Yousafzai drives the attendees to think about the gender discrimination in today’s education system and dire need for its change.

Viiveck talks about the Yerravalli village,Vikarabad on the bus which is where the “X” bus heads which has just about 1200 residents with an average income per household being a meagre 2000rs and about T Krishna efforts into bettering their condition. Following which  Our thought leader Ravindra Varma talks about the need for skill development in today’s education system with an interesting race course analogy and  how there is a paucity of trainers who are passionate enough to see through their teaching making actual impact.

Senior TED fellow Vipin talks about the TED-Ed initiative and how TED-Ed is bringing in interactive education to the forefront and how TEDxHyderabad is interested to collaborate and build TED-Ed clubs all over Hyderabad.

14After reaching the Yerravalli village, attendee’s plant saplings leaving behind an impact worth creating at the Yerravalli Village.One of the teachers from the Zilla Parishad School in the village educates us on the trees we are planting.

The attendees then head to the Zilla Parishad school of Yerravalli passing through the verdant and bucolic surroundings of the village.

The students welcome the attendees by singing sweetly followed by which Srinivas,principal of the school talks to us about various initiatives taken at the Yerravalli school which has had 100% enrollment and 0% dropout rate for the past two years.

The Sarpanch of Yerravalli talks about the secular society of Yerravelli  and other developments in the village.Followed by which attendees and thought leaders interact with the students at the school asking them about their ambitions and interests. We have doctors and policemans in the making!

Thought leader Dr. Chandrashekar DP from the JGI group talks about how degrees and actually being educated are not the same and intiatives taken up by the JGI group like education at 1 Rupee.


Attendees give away a set books on basic Maths,English and Hindi to students at the Yerravalli village .

The attendees head towards the place where the new school is being built and then are escorted to a farmhouse for some splendid lunch.

After lunch as the bus heads back to Hyderabad  TED talk by Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement plays instilling a sense of introspection in the attendees after an eventful visit to Yerravalli Also a  TED talk by Salman Khan about Khan Academy and flipping the classroom paradigm is played. Our thought leader Ashok Kumar talks about newer paradigms in education which support the student’s growth.

41Thought Leader Maruti Ramprasad talks about how important it is to identify the innate talent in every child and to foster it by the right means giving the example of Harsha Bogle and his education at HPS.


Over the journey back the attendees join the discussion sharing ideas and experiences.

As the bus reaches the gachibowli stadium everyone leaves with having made new friends and an impact on lives that will be forever grateful.

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