Pradeep Lokhande

Pradeep Lokhande, founder of Rural Relations enjoys huge popularity in terms of mail traffic so much so that internet’s instant search predicts Pradeep Lokhande Pune 13 when you just type Pradeep. Lokhande created the database of rural consumers in 49,000 villages in India as part of his consumer reference initiative which now helps corporates, donors and even ordinary folks reach out to rural India. The fact that he used this data which was valuable to FMCG brands in providing jobs and opening various channels and markets to bring about social change and betterment of rural population is marvellous. His effort of writing letters to various village heads asking about the schedule of their weekly markets opened a channel of communication which was beneficial both to the villagers as well as big companies like Telco, P&G, Tata Tea amongst others.

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