Our world is currently grappling with numerous calamities and challenges. While the global community is on the brink of collapsing, if we, as the youth, manage to stand together in solidarity, any obstacle can be overtaken. It requires a considerable amount of effort to take action, but if we can ‘dare to care’, anything is possible.
This concept is what we hope to emulate in the [email protected] 2020 event. With inspiring speakers who are experts in their domains, and performers that will enchant you with their art, this year’s event will be unique. Due to the coronavirus, the event will be virtual. However, this will in no way deprive the essence of TEDxYouth events we know and love.

A few key points to take note of- firstly, the event will be on the 26th of July, from 3-5 pm. Secondly, this event is only for people aged 10-20, to ensure that we have a young, dynamic crowd- the youth of today. Our audience will be curated as well.

Apply now to be part of a bigger cause; to become more aware of pressing issues; to discover how you can change the world