A Day in Hyderabadi’s Life

Waking up to a beautiful Sunday morning, I get ready to participate in the lively ‘Raahgiri Day’. As I am about to start my car, I realise the very thoughtful initiative of ‘Car Free Thursday’ can be applied today too and save the city some traffic. I pat myself on the back for doing this as I not only got to enjoy the lovely weather and complete my morning walk but also could spend some quality time with my family, walking with them.

(Note to self: Do this as often as possible.)


Raahgiri Day – reclaiming the public roads by ‘public’. Such a great idea! People from different walks of life coming together, knowing each other, playing games and having fun. It is for celebrating the roads but being a part of it actually felt like celebrating our social lives – the friendships and the happiness we experience!

How our lives have changed over the years! Until recently, Sunday would mean going to temple/movie, doing household work and lazing around. But lately, we have been seeing these awesome things happening in the city. While some initiatives have been addressing concerns, some like ‘Hyderabad Trails’ have been educating us on our rich culture and heritage. Change has never been so high-spirited, I must say.

Things are exciting on the career front too, with many big companies setting up their offices here. Entrepreneurship is slowly becoming one of the favourite career options of the city youth, thanks to the wide range of opportunities. The Government of Telangana encouraging this trend and the opening of T-Hub by our beloved minister K.T.Rama Rao gave a boost to the start-ups. Hyderabad is giving Bengaluru a tough competition in becoming the ‘Startup Capital of India’.


After completing my chores for the day, I start watching a TED talk – ‘The beauty of being a misfit’ by Lidia Yuknavitch. An inspiring talk that resonated with me to some extent. After listening to it, I start to think about the wonderful community that is TEDxHyderabad. A vibrant community of like-minded individuals who excelled in their own fields but came together to gather ideas and do something for the society. TEDxSalons have been fruitful with the campaigns like ‘10kBores’ helping the people all around.


With the initiatives and communities like these, the citizens have been coming together and actively engaging in the city’s development. Social media has been a blessing in this. It is a welcome change that people despite their busy schedules are coming together to do something. Let us make a point to not only strive to make the city advanced in all aspects but also to retain its culture and heritage, because there lies the soul of Hyderabad. With a huge scope for technology, and the thinkers, enablers and doers joining hands with the government, our Hyderabad will surely become the best in the near future!

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