Veeramalla Prakash Rao

Veeramalla Prakash Rao, better known as Telangana Prakash, is the Chairman of Telangana Water Resources Development Corporation and supervises Department of TS Ground Water and Walamtari. Mr. Prakash started participating in Telangana Separate State Movement when he was in High School. In 1986, after completing his degree in law Prakash enrolled as an Advocate, and due to the recognition received as a lawyer, he soon started an NGO and focused on Adult Education in rural areas including few tribal villages with the aid of Government of India. He took an active part in Telangana Separate State Movement since 1997 along with Prof.Jayashankar, and later co-founded the TRS Party. He has worked as its General Secretary and spokesperson. Mr.Prakash has been closely associating with Dr Rajendra Singh, waterman of India for a few years now, who appointed him as Chairman of Indian Peninsular River Basin Council recently which is another wing of Jalbiradari.

Hear his thoughts on the evolution of water-positive cities at the TEDxHyderabadSalon

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