Feminism to Fe’MEN’isn: W.H.Y it is not an enemy of the MEN

W.H.Y! Yes, why is it that a ‘Man’ when he acknowledges himself as a Feminist is considered anti-male by a few around us? Shouldn’t we redefine the meaning of Feminism for children to help them transform into better humans first and only then into a ‘better’ Gender? Shall we reflect on our concern towards ‘boys’ on how they interpret Feminism early on before Adulthood? Come! Let’s redefine the journey of Feminism to FeMENism for our future.

W-Who is it ABOUT (vs) Who is it NOT.
In a patriarchal society filled with few male chauvinistic individuals, some individuals around us often mistake the word Feminism as ‘Pro Female’ without reflecting the history of feminism in itself. What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pro-Feminist’ as of now? Surprised? Don’t be! It’s a real term which is often used to refer men who support Feminism. A Pro-Feminist need not acknowledge their open support to the movement, but they cause a chain reaction towards the overall positive impact for sure!

H-How NEAR it is (vs) How far is the REAL respect.
Real respect is received at home first! You read that right. Would you want your children to discriminate against other humans when they grow up? Then regardless of their gender, children should be treated equally at home first. This if not implemented shall lead to the growth of the seed of inequality planted early on in their lives without anyone’s notice, including elders who would not anticipate it. Where could this real practice of respect lead us? The children themselves shall be parents and working professionals in the future and acknowledge everyone for their real characteristic attributes rather than ‘gender’ which was not their choice before their birth!

Y-Yes to our EQUALITY (vs) Yes to the GENDER.
Isn’t Gender Sensitization the first Interpersonal Skill we should be teaching ‘boys’ to prevent them from practicing toxic patriarchy in Adulthood? This skill is important as they shall not mistake feminism as an ‘anti-men’ movement while they become adults! The opportunity to prove one’s capabilities should be the same to every ‘human’ at first. If it is made a choice due to an invisible ‘Us vs. Them’ stigma within, it shall not benefit any gender if reflected upon holistically.

Ask yourself W.H.Y and rethink the existential inequality with an equally positive mindset for the welfare of everyone regardless of their Gender. Ready to redefine the equality around us? We are equally waiting for you! Everything is possible with Heart!

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