The Mysterious Mountain Girl -Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru

Jaahnavi is on her Mission to climb all the highest peak of 7 continents known as #Mission7Summit and to reach the farthest point on the globe “The South Pole” and “The North Pole” to contest for the Gland Slam Youngest Girl in the World. She became the youngest girl in the world to scale Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m), Europe’s tallest peak on July 31, 2015 at the age of 13 years and 8 months.

She was invited by the Office of the President of the Unites States last year while she was in North America for the climb of Mount Denali (McKinley). She was a part of the Youth Symposium hosted by the White House. Her story of mountaineering began at a very early age of 10 months holding on the back of her father. At the age of 8, she started training under her father and attempted her first high altitude trek of 16,000 ft. in Uttarakhand known as Roopkund trek. This is where she experienced the first snow and was thrilled by it.

She became the youngest speaker for TEDxHyderabad 2016. In her TEDxHyderabad talk, she says that, “Every person has a mountain within themselves and they will conquer it at some time of their life.” She says a girl can achieve anything in life. By climbing the tallest peaks of every continent she wants to raise funds to educate the underprivileged girls in India through her NGO under the name JanJay Foundation. Because of the gender stereotype, she was always questioned on why she is taking so high risks when she can study well and get a good job. She in turn changed people’s mindset with her achievements.

She gives commercials related to girl empowerment and gender equality. Her recent campaign #AmPrettyTough through one of the leading cosmetic company of India, Dabur Gulabari, has brought about a major change in the thought process of “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”.
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Hailing from a middle class family, she’s still pursuing her passion of an expensive sport of mountaineering with her mountaineer father, Dr. S. Krishna Rao, who is a cancer survivor. Mr. Rao is the strength and motivation behind Jaahnavi’s success and has himself climbed many peaks.

Jaahnavi holds three global records and has recently been awarded the “Young Achiever Award 2017”. She was also covered by Telangana Today. She has been the youngest Indian guide at the Everest Base Camp. The list just won’t stop.

Jaahnavi’s tagline is “Adventure without risk is Disneyland”. She says, “You don’t have to a celebrity to be successful or a superstar to be significant.
Just write it down,
Break it down,
Make it visual,
Talk it up,
Find a mentor,
Turn roadblocks into building blocks,
Don’t let the clouds created by others limit your vision.”

In her words, it is just about identifying what your mountain is!

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