Photograph is derived from the greek word ‘Phos’ means ‘Light’ and graphe means ‘drawing’  and it can be called as ‘drawing with light.’

With the play of lights and shadows image is created. Photography is the play of vision with the assistance of light.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” said Henry David Thoreau, a famous philosopher. The way a photographer sees a person, object, landscape is different to what other people see.

According to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, 1.8 billion images are uploaded everyday. Thanks to easy handling of technology, thanks to smart phones, everyone are  becoming photographers and with the splatter of so many images, our minds are always fed by the load of images all the day.

Is there a chance to explore the creativity in the field of photography amid such splatter of photography on media? ‘Yes,’ is the answer.

If only a photograph is called as photogragh if it’s captured by camera, then what Erik Johansson creates is impossible photographs.

He feels when a photographer take a photograph with a camera, the process ends when s/he presses the trigger.  He wanted to create something different. He wanted to bring the imagination into the reality.  It’s photo realism than any other ideology.
Photos where you will need a brief moment to think to figure out the trick. So it’s more about capturing an idea than about capturing a moment really.

But what are the tricks? It can be depended upon colours, depth, perspectives and a lot more.

So to achieve a desired result,it all comes down to planning and imagination. It always starts with a sketch, an idea. In the current world, there are tools  that will possible all our imagination into a reality. And the only thing that should not be limited is our imagination.

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