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Founded in 1984, under the slogan “Ideas Worth Sharing”, Technology, Entertainment and Design, popularly known as TED, is a nonprofit media organization. TED is a global foundation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then, its scope has become ever broader. With its two annual conferences, video website TED.com, initiatives and community projects, TED is now a platform and a global movement focused on meaningful change through the power of ideas.

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, Ideas Worth Spreading. The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. TEDxHyderabad is an independently organized TED event in the city of Hyderabad

We have had 2 editions of events in 2015 and 2016 and have enabled impact through Ideas Worth Spreading .TEDxHyderabad truly believes in the power of community and wants to build it – one idea at a time

The TEDxHyderabad team went on to organize some of the most innovative events witnessed by all. If it wasn’t for their collaborative approach, the team would not have achieved the recognition it was given. In its first year TEDxHyderabad was chosen to be part of the TEDx Anchor Program amongst 153 events in India in 2015. In ‪TED‬ Summit 2016, TEDxHyderabad Salons were described as one of the most interesting and innovative TEDx conferences from across the globe‬‬

A few like-minded individuals in Hyderabad came together to build upon this interest and in the process stumbled across many amazing people and causes. The group realized that a worthy social impact can be created together. The idea became that of mobilizing this community’s enthusiasm and leveraging its passions to begin work on a relevant social problem. While selecting the cause, it must be driven by what people feel very strongly about, what affects them and what will kindle their minds.

TEDxHyderabad organized salon events as part of their vision for community building. Each event theme was picked up after due deliberation on its relevance for Hyderabad city. Thought leaders and attendees with a passion for the topic were part of these events. TED talks like the theme were played to bring out international perspectives and arrive at action points. During guided discussions, ideas within the theme was zeroed in on, to arrive at a social initiative. Members of the TEDxHyderabad community would oversee launch of the initiative and involve more change makers along the way. Subsequently all projects were handed to different members of the community to manage and run. Each social initiative is at a different level of maturity, depending upon the participation from the community.

TEDxHyderabadWomen organized on October 2016 under the theme “It’s about time”, hosted speakers ranging from across fields; civil services, medicine and arts. TEDxYouth@Hyderabad also brought in established speakers one of whom was a visually challenged youngster, from liberal arts and cyber security to inspire the younger generation. Like they say, the best is always saved for the last, the crown jewel of this year’s edition – Sri C. Mallesham, who is the recipient of the prestigious “Padmashri” is the speaker at this edition of TEDxHyderabad.

They say too many hands make a light work, but too many able hands make it a work of art. What makes one believe that? Experiences! If the experience isn’t rewarding, the motivation to make each event better than the other would not have existed. Having said that, allow us to introduce to you the team members of TEDxHyderabad and what they have to say-

varun   Varun Agarwal (Core Team Member) I consider myself to be extremely lucky to start my journey as a volunteer with TEDxHyderabad. It was early 2016 when I applied and got selected after a grilling interview process. I was quite scared and didn’t realize I would get through looking at the quality standards put-up by the team. From then to now, we have pulled off 9 unique events which was a benchmark in itself. I must say that volunteering with TEDxHyderabad is an experience that one can dream of. This turned out to be a platform where I got to explore myself, enhance my personality, gather a lifetime worth of memories and make some great friends.
ekta   Ekta Verma (Core Team Member) Working with the TEDx team is wonderful. There is always a lot to learn. The energy and dedication in the team is palpable. It is amazing to learn how one looks at the “big picture”. Senior members of the team let the other members like me carve our own growth chart and gave us multiple opportunities. Ideas were never turned down. Most importantly, this team is my second family. We have our differences but it is covered with a layer of love and respect for each member. Nothing can beat the high of standing on the stage and taking a bow while holding hands with your family.
santosh   Santosh GL (Core Team Member) A chance of meeting with one of the core members led to meet the whole TEDxHyderabad team. I remember having a limited awareness about what this community is all about. After attending a few meetings, it gave me an insight as to how a small group of people can bring about a change in the community. Since then, there was no looking back. Every event is a new journey, a new chapter to learn. I feel privileged to have met some of the most celebrated change makers in the community. TEDxHyderabad, as a community is growing day by day. Looking forward to an exciting journey this year.
ramehs   Ramesh Loganathan(Core Team Member) Creating an experience that is consistent with the high standards TED stands for, creating the second largest TEDx in the city in two short years, demands a tightly knit, energized and a driven team, which team TEDxHyderabad very much is. I am extremely happy to be a part of this team, to be surrounded by highly accomplished enthusiastic individuals, collectively creating something very fantastic.
vipin   Anthony Vipin Das (Core Team Member) TEDxHyderabad has been a life changing journey for me! We met on social media and evolved into a passionate team that is focused on creating impact. Each member brings their diverse experiences and it is a great experience I have learnt from others. The experience to learn from each Speaker journey is the most exciting part for me
viiveck   Viiveck Verma (Core Team Member) I joined the team as a volunteer in Nov 2014. We are a set of people who are committed to try and make a difference to others through the TEDx platform. I think one of the greatest things we have achieved is to build a team of committed and passionate people, who come from very diverse backgrounds and bring a lot of skills which are complimentary to each other. Throughout the year we are involved in our own activities and before any event, the team seamlessly comes together as if this is their only profession and this is their only passion. My journey with TEDxHyderabad over the last two and half years has been the best. As we go along, we are happy to get more members to bring in better diversity and even better passion to help us go farther.
kashif   Kashif Kalim (Core Team Member) Where else in the world would you work in a team which consists of a Doctor, an investor, a philanthropist, technocrats and an MD of an MNC? Yes, you guessed it right! The team behind TEDxHyderabad is vibrant, diverse and unique. While we may be called volunteers for this super awesome team, our commitment and tasks to be performed are not less than a full time job. It is always a challenge for me to keep up with such a vivacious team who exist on the thought – ‘ideas worth spreading’. We are building a community of thinkers, enablers and doers of one idea at a time. YOU SHOULD TOO!

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