W.H.Y [email protected]?

Are your children the shades of tomorrow? Are you willing to enlighten their passion? TEDxYouth shall make them realise their calling with purpose. Ever gave a thought to how we could encourage entrepreneurship among teenagers before they complete their mandatory education? TEDx Youth event can help them introspect on the major W.H.Y early on as described below.


Are you sure that the child is meeting the right people at the right time in his or her life?

Every teenager is different. You need to understand this and adapt yourself to their needs. You must be genuinely interested in encouraging them, which you might not have received as a child. This is the first major step to encourage them to go beyond the syllabus of academics. TEDxYouth is a unique opportunity for youngsters to enlighten themselves from each other!


Kids should  listen to some exceptional youngsters in their age group who have questioned the status quo already and maybe later you as a parent, can give them a chance to explain their goals. The important step is exchange of ideas rather than opinions. TEDxYouth speakers have overcome odds and solved certain challenges themselves.


Living with a true purpose does not come with a book of terms and conditions. Post teenage, your children will make independent choices. Hence, they should be able to look back and appreciate the lessons they were taught on the importance of well-wishers and honest individuals. Indirectly, you could be one for the future parents who shall do the same in future.

Children deserve a day to appreciate the possibilities within themselves. Let your children transform from being shadows of yesterday to shades of tomorrow by encouraging them on to TEDxYouth this year.

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