Qualification to Education – W.H.Y we need a ‘3D’ Prospective Practical Education of the GIRL child in Rural India!

Ms. Kiran, driven by her innate passion to serve people in her village wanted to become an Anganwadi Worker. The village had not seen the dawn of electricity back then and lacked all the minimal resources to live. Starting as a volunteer of pulse polio campaign to spread awareness in the community, Kiran happened to attend a seminar on ‘Career Opportunities in Health Sector’ at a children’s clinic along with students of a Government girl’s high school nearby. That day she challenged her inner limits and had decided to turn into a Nurse, specifically for the ailing children in pain. She learnt English on her own, taught children in her community and had managed to become economically independent within a year prior to pursuing her dream of becoming a ‘Nurse’ at an International hospital in a metro city nearby, helping patients from all over the world. Yes! This is not just a story. It’s a TRUE Success Story! W.H.Y this story now? Let’s look at it in three dimensions with a realistic heart and a positive mind-set:

Why 1-Deserving the NEED vs CHOICE
Like our Sister Kiran, we have many sisters who are unaware of the opportunities just due to lack of resourceful people around them which is not their mistake. Reaching them out at the right time becomes a challenge unlike urban areas. In most of the rural areas, the girl child is bound by social restrictions which even limit her to perform basic skills in spite of her talent which is burnt down by the society even before it catches ‘fire’- Here, who is in need? Who made a choice? Whose choices were cut down? Can we think of a solution like a ‘girl to girl’ mentor chain or support where successful women like Sister Kiran would go back to their villages and spread awareness on opportunities beyond the social limitations, igniting the ‘fire’ among the marginalised at the right time!

Why 2-Directing the reinvention of CAUSE via PURPOSE
There are few families in some villages who would not even want the girl child to go to school. They are open to educate her though. Yes! Can we not spread the awareness of open schooling with these families where a future leader may be really passionate to read & write effectively like their siblings? We must reinvent our approach toward the cause holistically with an honest heart, redefining not just our purpose but the future generation of girls in rural India. In our success story above, Sister Kiran had encouraged her cousin sister to join a Vocational Course which made her employed, earning true respect first & money later. This was possible as Sister Kiran had learnt to operate computers & browsing the internet at her college in her ethical free time!

Why 3-Discipline of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY through Organisations
Sister Kiran had realised her opportunity to become a Nurse, thanking the seminar which was organised by an NGO based out of the same metro city she moved to later! The opportunity to explore further should be provided to each and every human regardless of the geographical boundaries. Organisations which are working in the rural areas themselves can act role models for other organisations working towards a similar cause (urban areas) with the same passion.
Are we ready to accept the practical approach to help the marginalised in rural areas? The answer lies within the success story of Sister Kiran. The day we are driven to actually succeed rather than avoiding failures with a disciplined approach towards the deserving individuals with a genuine & honest approach, we shall make the girl child truly educated rather than just being qualified!

3D Moral: Where is ‘Ms. Kiran’ now?
Sister Kiran (name changed) is currently working as a Head Nurse (children’s ward-ICU) at an International hospital in a metropolitan city being an inspiration to many youngsters aspiring to become nurses from not just her village but her district itself! This was possible because an organisation spread awareness on opportunities in her village where no women had moved to work beyond their village for any opportunity. She truly became a ‘sister’ for all the sisters (girl child) in pain and struggle beyond the hospital, bringing true light of respect and independence in their lives. Everything is Possible with HEART!

Ready to rethink & respect a 3 dimensional view of the honest possibilities? NOW is the time!

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