The YouTube Stars of Today

YouTube is a global video sharing platform, that started in 2005. 13 years down the line YouTube has become a force to contend with and provides very interesting information on a huge diversity of topics. You can choose from art, craft, beauty, sports, short films, gossip, technology, education and cooking etc.

YouTubers have become bigger stars than TV stars with millions following and subscribing to their channels. The line between mainstream celebrities and YouTube celebrities is slowly diminishing. What makes a YouTuber so popular, you might ask? Content that they bring to the audience is for sure important. However, that only forms part of their popularity. Their video style, their quirkiness, their sense of humor, and their connect with the audience are other reasons for their popularity. Some videos are unscripted which is very appealing to the rebellious millennial

Using YouTube can be a positive thing, if viewed responsibly. The educational material from all over the world is amazing and concepts that you are struggling to teach your kid, suddenly become easy. You can be a novice yet learn the most amazing crafts, stitching, upcycling, recycling, make-up techniques and of course become a world-renowned chef for your family and friends.

There was a time, recipe books made an amazing gift to foodies across the world. As the world shrinks in size and becomes glocal, foodies have started sharing knowledge of their cuisines with others. It started off with cooking programs on television, to competitions where cooking techniques and diversity of a home cook were put to the test to the most recent – YouTube stars who teach how to cook. Now all you have to do is to search for a recipe, which you have always wanted to try and just follow the instructions. When a YouTube chef retains the originality of their cuisine and does honest cooking, they gather more and more views, becoming very popular. Now everyone has the opportunity to become an amateur or a professional cook.

These YouTube stars have millions of views and subscribers and have proven that an alternate career of choice can be followed if one is smart, knows how to connect and has good content.

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